Keiona Cook

Executive Director & Treasure

Represents the organization in public by giving speeches, writing articles and attending functions on behalf of the organization. Keeps copies of the main financial records, signs checks, approves purchases and invoices and otherwise oversees and keeps an eye on the organization’s finances. The treasurer also prepares and delivers a treasurer’s report at each of the board’s official meetings and approves the organization’s annual tax filing. 

Alice Taylor


Takes notes, called minutes, at board meetings, then submits those minutes for amendment or approval by the board. Keeps records and its non-financial legal documents, including its bylaws, articles of incorporation and minutes of historical meetings.

Tamara Woodland

Board Member

Attends meetings, receive updates and votes on board matters and volunteers as needed.

April Bryant

Vice President

Serves as the board’s leader when the chair is not present, such as during official board meetings. Works for NAZ- Northside Achievement Zone which is a nonprofit.

Janet Donaldson

Assistant Secretary

Grant writing, attends meetings, receive updates and votes on board matters. Connections to elders in the community with skills to help the organization thrive.

Elizebeth Murray


Assistant grant writer

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