To shift the mindsets of our youth through UNITY and community bridge building, one stitch at a time.




Lovey's Sewing & Arts Collective (LSAC) was established in June of 2009. The founder Keiona Cook had a vision to bring back a lost education and arts (Sewing, financial literacy, money management, yoga and basic life skills) to the north side community. Connecting all communities in UNITY. Using sewing as the foundation to connect communities. We control the future narratives.


Keiona is an Alumni graduate of North High School and is working in north to connect youth from all communities, one stitch at a time.


At Lovely's Sewing & Arts Collective we teach youth sewing, yoga, dance, public speaking, entrepreneurship, poetry and so many other life skills. We use these skills as tools to teach patience, focus, leadership and accountability of actions at home, school and everywhere else.

Sewing is the foundation of LSAC. The kids create, sale and open savings accounts or add to their existing accounts.  Yoga is the meditation component used to help heal past trauma and deal will things they are going through in a save and welcoming atmosphere.

The  youth create, sell and we help them open savings accounts or add to their existing accounts after the financial literacy and money management classes.

After much research and findings out that in the late 1980's Home Economics was taken out of the public schools due to lack funding. She decided to get her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in Fashion Design. Keiona has over 18 years experience designing Couture garments and over 10 years experience teaching youth sewing and other tangible life skills.

***** The sewing, yoga and financial literacy classes are taught at SPACES *****


Lovely's Sewing & Arts Collective (From 2-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays)

121 Washington Ave. N.

Minneapolis, MN 55401

*The kid's painting classes are taught at McDonalds on West Broadway *

McDonalds's Conference Room (From 1-3pm on Saturdays and Sundays)

916 W. Broadway Ave. N.

Minneapolis, MN 55411

       "If you want to change a communities, save the mindsets of the children in the communities"

                                                                            ~Keiona ~

         "When you give someone your Time, your giving them a moment in your life you can Never get back"


MInneapolis,MN, USA