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To shift and heal the mindset of our youth and adults through unity and community bridge-building, one sewing stitch at a time.


Lovely's Sewing & Arts Collective (LSAC) was established in June 2009 by its visionary founder, Keiona Cook. Inspired by her own desire to learn essential life skills she missed out on as a child, Keiona recognized the importance of reviving the lost art of sewing.

Keiona's journey began after discovering that home economics was removed from public schools in the late 1980s due to lack of funding. Following her graduation from North High School, she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), specializing in Fashion Design. Equipped with formal training and over 18 years of experience in designing couture garments, Keiona returned to Minneapolis to teach sewing to youth, sharing her expertise and tangible life skills for over 14 years.

Curriculum and Sewing Experiences:

* Group Sewing Classes

Group sewing classes are dynamic and collaborative learning environments where multiple individuals come together to learn and improve their sewing skills. These classes offer a shared experience that fosters creativity, interaction, and support among participants. In a group setting, individuals can learn from each other, exchange ideas, and receive feedback from both the instructor and fellow classmates. Group sewing classes not only provide valuable instruction but also create a sense of community and camaraderie among like-minded individuals who share a passion for sewing.

* Private Sewing Classes

Private sewing classes offer personalized instruction and guidance tailored to the specific needs and skill level of the individual. These one-on-one sessions provide a focused learning environment, allowing for customized lessons and accelerated progress. Private sewing classes are ideal for those seeking individual attention, wanting to learn at their own pace, or looking to delve into specific sewing techniques or projects. With the undivided attention of an experienced instructor, participants can enhance their sewing skills, gain confidence, and achieve their sewing goals more effectively.

* Group Sewing Parties

Group sewing parties are fun and interactive events where individuals come together to enjoy the art of sewing in a social setting. These parties provide a unique opportunity for friends, co-workers, or family members to bond, express their creativity, and learn sewing skills together. Participants can work on individual projects or collaborate on group projects, fostering teamwork and a sense of community. Group sewing parties offer a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where attendees can share their passion for sewing, exchange ideas, and create lasting memories.

* Team Building Workshops

Team building workshops are interactive sessions designed to strengthen relationships, improve communication, and enhance collaboration within a team. These workshops often involve a combination of exercises, activities, and discussions aimed at promoting trust, fostering a positive team culture, and maximizing overall productivity. They provide a valuable opportunity for team members to connect, understand each other's strengths and weaknesses, and develop a shared sense of purpose and camaraderie. Through engaging team building workshops, organizations can improve teamwork, boost morale, and achieve better results.

At Lovely's Sewing & Arts Collective (LSAC), we offer a diverse range of artistic disciplines to both youth and adults, including sewing, yoga, dance, public speaking, entrepreneurship, poetry, and essential life skills for youth. These various forms of art serve as powerful tools for teaching patience, focus, leadership, and accountability.

Sewing lies at the core of LSAC, serving as the heart and foundation of our programs. Through sewing, we not only foster creativity in children but also impart valuable lessons on financial literacy and money management, teaching them how to sell their creations and establish or contribute to savings accounts.

Yoga plays a vital role in our curriculum, providing a meditative component that helps individuals focus, find grounding, and heal from past and present traumas. It serves as a valuable tool for teaching young people how to navigate life's challenges in a safe and welcoming environment.

The Sewing Experience offers an engaging opportunity for groups of adults to engage in self-care and develop team-building skills while connecting with friends, co-workers, and family members. Sewing, as a personal endeavor, provides numerous benefits to adults, including stress reduction, enhanced creativity, improved focus, and a sense of accomplishment. By learning to sew, adults not only cultivate their own personal growth but also strengthen their bonds with others through a shared and fulfilling activity.

At LSAC, our ultimate goal is to foster unity among all communities and utilize sewing as the foundation for shaping the future narrative of how young people and individuals connect with and perceive the Northside community.

Board of Directors:

Keiona Cook

Executive Director & Treasurer Represents the organization in public by giving speeches, writing articles, newsletters and attending functions on behalf of the organization. Keeps copies of the main financial records, signs checks, approves purchases and invoices and otherwise oversees and keeps an eye on the organization’s finances. The treasurer also prepares and delivers a report at each of the board’s official meetings and approves the organization’s annual

April Bryant

Serves as the board’s leader when the chair is not present, such as during official board meetings

Janet Donaldson

Assists in grant-writing, attends meetings, receives updates and votes on board matters. Connections to elders in the community with skills to help the organization thrive.

Tamara Woodland

Attends meetings, receive updates and votes on board matters. Volunteers as needed.

Alice Taylor

Takes notes (minutes) at board meetings and submits for amendment or approval by the board. Keeps records and non-financial legal documents, including bylaws, articles of incorporation and minutes of historical meetings.

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